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From our family to yours

We began our mother/daughter duo in 2020. During the worldwide pandemic, we were stuck at home, just like everyone else. Addison was bored and decided to take up bracelet making. Her designs began selling to local friends & teachers. As the mask mandate came into play, we were presented with an idea to create magnetic breakaway lanyards. This catapulted our business and we went from local sells to online and nationwide. This became a family business. My husband, Jason, began doing all of the hardware for us and our littlest, Emma, had lots of opinions. It was such a fun way to spend time together!

We saw the need in lanyards diminishing so we shifted back to bracelets. This time, I decided to try my hand at it. Now we offer many bracelet designs, including Addison's kids collection. 


Thank you for considering us to create your designs!


Your Designers: The Story
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